Housing Authority Services

Supporting the Housing Authority’s efforts to build and preserve healthy neighborhoods and communities

ZipReports provides flexible and secure reporting to Housing Authorities. By offering a full choice of products from the three major credit bureaus, comprehensive criminal searches, and statewide searches for evictions, liens and judgements, we meet the needs of Housing Authorities, large and small.

We can access Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax, either individually or in combination and merge combined reports to show you only the distinct creditor information. As a full service credit reporting agency (CRA), we are able to offer products in addition to the credit report, such as social security traces.

Our National Criminal search accesses data from the Department of Corrections, Administrative Office of the Courts, and Sex Offender Registries covering 49 states, Washington D.C., Guam, and Puerto Rico.

Our National Criminal Report can Include:

  • Comprehensive Nationwide Criminal History
  • County Courts Data
  • Checks Against the Terrorist Watch List
  • National Registered Sex Offender Data
  • Information from State Agencies
  • Access to 4.1 Million Criminal Photos
  • Every report is uniquely generated based on information from various public record 
    sources and a database of more than 345 million criminal records.
  • All of this is available in seconds!

ZipReports can also provide County Criminal reports, where we send an agent to the county to search records. The County Criminal report generally takes 24 – 72 hours, but can offer more in-depth information.

Bankruptcy, Lien, Suits and Judgement reports are statewide, and will match not only on names, but also social security numbers, when available.

  • National Credit Report – Experian, TransUnion and/or Equifax>
  • National Criminal Report – Criminal, Sex Offender, Terrorist List>
  • Statewide Eviction – Bankruptcy, Lien, Suits & Judgment Reports>


ZipReports has access to the most complete and accurate data available. Beyond that, ZipReports is one of the very few companies that has its own software. This makes it possible for ZipReports to offer unmatched flexibility in reporting. Many of our clients use the online system, but some prefer batch processing. We can work with both, and can design custom solutions to meet your specific needs. 
Ask us! We can do it!



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