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County Criminal Search

Order a public records search and a skilled researcher from our national network will conduct a by-hand check at the appropriate county seat courthouse of court records or through the courthouse’s own system. Felonies for entire county AND criminal misdemeanors for county seat researched in most areas! (Some areas automatically include additional misdemeanor research. Specific misdemeanor searches are available in other areas.). Provides detailed information to help in verifying whether records found in fact apply to applicant. Gives current status and disposition information. Searches are easily ordered online and average turnaround time is just 1-3 days.

Advantages of ZipReports court-retrieved public criminal records searches

  • Easy Ordering:
    You do not have to locate court information, find out requirements and fees, travel to the courthouse, nor fax or mail in report requests.
  • Centralized Access:
    Order reports nationwide through your own computer.
  • Extensive Coverage:
    Receive a search of any county in the U.S. via our established network of court researchers.
  • Low Costs:
    In almost all instances, ZipReports’ economical fees are lower than the cost for you to invest time and resources in obtaining court records yourself directly.
  • Convenient Payment:
    Large users are invoiced monthly. Small users’ credit cards are charged once a month for any reports run previous month.
  • Clear Format:
    The same types of public criminal records information are recorded in different–often confusing–ways by different courts. ZipReports standardizes much of the data to make it easier to understand. We also provide a free link to assist with questions.
  • Fast Turnaround:
    Government public criminal records websites often provide little description of the extent of the search provided. ZipReports helps you know the depth of each public criminal records search by providing informative details.


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