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Tenant Screening Sign Up

house_for_rentIndividual Landlord – Private party landlord that owns and manages rental properties. Signing up as an Individual Landlord will give you access to order credit, criminal, and eviction reports any time, 24×7. The report will be consolidated into a simplified format, with a recommendation, or Decision as to the applicants qualifications for tenancy. This ‘Decision Report’ includes such critical information as social security number matches, address matches, date of birth matches and name matches against information from the Credit Bureau. The report includes an evaluation of the applicant, public records, and can include a criminal and eviction report, if requested. Click here for the Individual Landlord Application.

apartment_buildingProperty Management Company, Real Estate Agent, Broker or Investment Company, or other company – Owners or managers of rental property. As a commercial entity you may receive the full credit report detail as well as criminal, eviction and other reports. Federal law now requires an on-site physical inspection to qualify. This inspection can usually be done in 2-4 business days. The inspector will validate the location, name and phone number of the business and provide photographs as documentation. The inspector will be verifying the security and handling of confidential information, as required by the Credit Bureaus and FCRA. Click here for the Company Application.

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